Happy Hump Day

Solving the age old question “What’s for dinner”

It’s Wednesday!! That means that emeals.com dropped this weeks menu plan in my inbox. Let’s see what we’re eating this week. Beef patties with mushroom sauce, Pepperoni pizza mac and cheese, Chicken and dressing casserole, and Chicken with gnocchi, corn and spinach.

So for those playing along at home, my life is crazy busy. Meal time is more like nightmare time. I never know what to make for dinner, and when I figure it out, I don’t have half the ingredients. On top of that my work schedule is very fluid. Some days I go in early and get home early, and some days I go in late and get home late. Like real late. Like 11 pm late.  We eat takeaway so many times a week the DoorDash driver knows our name. I literally gained 15 pounds the past few months because of fast food. I know better than that.

I tried some of the meal delivery options where they send you a box of food already cut up and portioned out, where all you do is cook it, but that didn’t go over well with my family. It was a little pricey for what you get, and the meal choices were not something my family was into. I mean yeah who doesn’t love vegetable pad thai and harissa-baked chicken. I don’t even know what that is. We just want some simple healthy choices, like meatloaf, or lemon chicken piccata.

I also tried those boxed meal kits at Kroeger, but again they are expensive. Twenty dollars for Vietnamese inspired spicy lemongrass pork with coconut rice (what is coconut rice anyway) and cabbage salad for two. Lets be honest here. I like lemongrass, in my oil infuser, but does it taste good?? And twenty dollars, imagine if I was feeding more than three people. I would go broke in two days. Can I just get meals on wheels here please? Oh, yeah, that’s DoorDash.


Enter emeals.com. A work friend told me about this a few weeks ago, and I am in love. (This is an unpaid shout out). This is my salvation. With eMeals I choose meals from one (or more) of their plans, and add them to my shopping list which is linked to my Kroeger account. I go through the list, remove items I know I have already, add a few things we may need, and purchase everything via clicklist, schedule my pick up time and go. Kroeger loads it all in my car saving me sooo much time. Side dishes are included in the menu plan with ingredients and recipes.  Now all I have to do is cook it.

File this under the tips category. This simple life saving app gets me organized, saves me time, and gets me cooking again. And it’s good food too. My family loves the meals I’ve been making them. So for those of you who are always struggling with the question what’s for dinner, and cereal is not an option, this might be right for you. Happy eating.


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