What did you do for fun today?

Exercise and nature united for an awesome afternoon

If you said nothing, stop right now. Put down whatever electronic device you are using and go do something fun. Dance in the living room with the kids. Run in the yard with he dog. Use your hairbrush as a microphone and sing it out. Come back when you’ve had enough fun.

I’ll wait.

Still waiting..

Ok you’re back. YAY hope you had fun. So today I had a lot of fun. This morning I danced it out to a work out video. That was at like 7am. Once the blood was pumping, I drove the carpool. Kiddos got to go to school. Then I decided that I miss the woods. There were these awesome woods with trails and a creek that my sister and I, (hi sissy) would basically live in when we were kids. So I hit the google machine (iPhone) and located a hiking-ish trail super close to my house. With trees and a creek and everything. It was amazing. It was raining lightly, and the path was a bit muddy, but I soldiered on. I was glad I did because I got to enjoy nature by myself. No one wants to walk in the woods in the rain I guess. Anyway… taking a hike in the woods, or on a walking path, or around the neighborhood, or even around the house ten dozen times is a great way to get some exercise in and have some fun, but being out in nature makes it less like work to me.

Well, I have to work the day job tomorrow, so off to bed I go. TTFN.


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