Plan, Journal, Record

Keeping track of a busy life

You may be asking your self, How on earth does this busy woman keep it all together. Let me tell you it ain’t easy. I am a full time graduate student working on my Nurse Practitioner degree. I work fill time as an agency RN. I run my ENTIREĀ household, and I love to craft. So how DO I keep it all together. My calendar/journal . Continue reading “Plan, Journal, Record”



What won’t I DIY

I LOVE to DIY. Did I say that loud enough. I will DIY pretty much anything. I am a pretty crafty person. I have a whole room devoted to my OBSESSION. And half of the garage, and part of the basement, and the dining room. (I recently did clean up the dining room so it’s officially a dining room again. You’re welcome family.) But seriously I am crafty. And my craftiness is not limited to one type of craft. I can sew, paper craft, paint, I draw a little, I can even build furniture. So lets get crafty and make something.